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"Still No Other" by Del Day, Shindig! Magazine, No. 104, July 2020

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"Kai Clark, Son of Byrds' Gene Clark, Flies High with Tribute Album of Father's Songs" by Stephen K. Peeples. Click here.

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Silver Raven review by Paul Kerr from Blabber 'n' Smoke: A Glasgow view of American and related music and writings. Click here.

Clarkophile Interview with Kai Clark: 2014

What is it like for Kai to play his dad's songs?

"There are some specific songs that really speak to me.  As a kid, when dad was still alive, I would play some of those.  I think with age, though, it really gives me the feel of how deep my father was intellectually, and in a writing sense.  For someone that wasn’t a scholar or a writer in the broader sense, it’s just amazing.  It makes me think of how much he had running through him as kind of a conduit."  Kai mentions the ethereal 'Silver Raven' as a personal favourite. "I relate some of it to my life," he says, "but mostly it just makes me think of my father – just my dad, in that sense of growing up and listening to him playing and the emotion and passion he had while playing."

For those of us who sometimes allow ourselves to become obsessed with the minutia of Gene's career as a legendary songwriter, Kai's use of the phrase "my dad" is a sobering reminder that we're not talking about songwriting credits or a picture on an album cover.  We are speaking about someone's father. That said, it is comforting to know that at times even Kai can sound like a geeky, besotted fan.  He admits that he's blown away "all the time" by Gene's artistry. "Here, he’ll be going along in a major and then all of sudden there’s this minor seventh," he says with a astonished chuckle.  "That’s a Gene Clark trait -- you’ll be rolling along through the song and he’ll hit this one note and you go 'Wow'".

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Silver Raven review by John Einerson, author of Mr. Tambourine Man: The Life And Legacy of The Byrds' Gene Clark  from his Facebook page "John Einarson Remembers ".

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Kai Clark's Silver Raven: Track by Track by Tom Sandford, The Clarkophile Blogspot. Click here.

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Kai Clark "Silver Raven" review by Ljubinko Zivkovic, Americana UK. Click here.

Goldmine Magazine's review of Silver Raven in Indie Spotlight by Lee Zimmerman

Gene Clark Sings For You review Goldmine Magazine

Kai Clark is interviewed by Lee Zimmerman for Goldmine Magazine about 

Gene Clark Sings For You, July 2018.


Kai Clark is interviewed by Dick Altavista for "Can I Have A Word?" on CKCU FM 93.1 about his participation in the City Folk Festival, September, 2018. Stream the interview online by clicking HERE

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