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Due to COVID-19 live dates for April and May have been postponed. Please check back for rescheduled dates. 

Silver Raven now available for purchase! Visit the store to order
NEW! Kai Clark interview with "The Clarkophile"

"Raven 'bout Gene: Kai Clark talks about his new tribute album, Silver Raven."

Roughly coinciding with 4AD's mammoth reevaluation of Gene Clark's 1974 masterpiece No Other (released last week) and what would have been Gene's 75th birthday on November 17th, son Kai Clark is poised to release Silver Raven, an 11-song tribute album that traces his father's career in music. Suffice it to say each of the handpicked tracks—popular classics, Byrds-era favourites, under-heard gems—hold special significance for Kai. With guest performances from his dad's former colleagues Carla Olson and Byron Berline, and spirited backing from the members of the Kai Clark Band, the album is both a loving celebration of his dad's accomplishments and a welcome opportunity to introduce Gene Clark's music to a new generation of fans.


Read the full interview with Tom Sandford, a.k.a. "The Clarkophile" HERE


Songs synonymous with the legendary singer-songwriter Gene Clark are brought full circle by his son Kai, and reintroduced to a new generation...with the help of some very special guests! 


KAI CLARK, the son of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Gene Clark (The Byrds), is set to release a new album entitled Silver Raven between November 17th to December 15th. 


Conceived as a loving tribute to his father’s rich musical legacy, and titled after one of his best-loved compositions (from the legendary No Other LP—itself the subject of a comprehensive new box-set on 4AD), the 11 songs on Silver Raven feature The Kai Clark Band’s soulful reinterpretations of classic material from The Byrds and Dillard & Clark, as well as hand-picked favorites from Gene Clark’s solo work from the 1960s to the 1980s. 


The celebration of Gene Clark’s life in music is brought full circle by the presence of some of his past collaborators and associates, including: 


  • Byron Berline Fiddler extraordinaire; former member of Dillard & Clark; over the course of his career, has also recorded with: The Band / The Byrds / The Eagles / The Rolling Stones / Bob Dylan / John Denver / Elton John 

  • Carla Olson Leader and one of the founding members of seminal LA roots-rockers The Textones, Carla recorded the critically acclaimed duet album So Rebellious a Lover album with Gene in the late 1980s. She’s also worked alongside ex-Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor / Ry Cooder / ex-Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan / CCR’s John Fogerty, and many others 

  • Henry Diltz Born in Missouri like Gene, Henry also made a name for himself in LA as a member of the Modern Folk Quartet. A gifted photographer who is responsible for some of the most iconic album-cover shots of the rock era (including The Doors’ Morrison HotelCrosby, Stills & Nash; and Gene Clark’s Roadmaster


Whether singing popular fan-favorites, connoisseur-approved deep cuts, or songs that hold deeply personal significance for him, Silver Raven stands as further evidence of Gene Clark’s poetic/melodic genius—and Kai’s stunning emergence as a formidable talent in his own right. 


Stream a track from Silver Raven


I FOUND YOU: Originally released in February 1967 on Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers, “I Found You” was also the b-side to the leadoff single “Echoes”. 


Kai and his band reignite the sensual groove that made this one of the standout tracks from his dad’s first solo outing.

New music coming soon!

Kai Clark recently spoke to 'Echoes' the Gene Clark newsletter about his forthcoming album:

"Most musicians would bristle at the idea of recording an album of songs originally written and sung by the legendary Gene Clark—and who could blame them?  But what if that musician is his son, Kai Clark?  Talk about intimidating.


But Kai doesn’t see it that way. He views his forthcoming album as an opportunity to retrace his father’s steps, and simultaneously forge a musical path all his own. 

Featuring guest appearances by esteemed colleagues from his father’s distinguished career, including Carla Olson, John York (The Byrds), Byron Berline (Dillard and Clark), and many other surprise guests, the most enticing aspect of this Clark-sings-Clark release may be Kai’s stated intention to make this album the first in a projected series."

To read an excerpt from the interview, click HERE. Look for the full interview coming to this website soon!

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